Digital Doctor Industries, Inc.

-- Our Background --

This site has been around for well over a decade, and its only purpose was to provide information for clients, that knew how to get past the initial default page. That has now changed. I would like the world to enjoy this web site and hopefully learn from it.

Having worked in the electrical industry since 1971, I have alot to share in the many pages that will follow.

Computers have also been an important part of my everyday life since the mid 70's, and I have alot to share on this subject too.

Digital Doctor Industries has blended these two main things and provides discovery, consultation, and implementation of safe electrical installations and standby electrical systems, to keep small computer rooms to major data centers safe and functional, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
Digital Doctor Industries has done in house web site creation from the acquisition of a domain name, to a fully functional web site, hosted on your companies server, or hosted on a service providers network. We do these either as a turn key service, where the client maintains the content, or Digital Doctor contracts to do the content change and maintenance.
Remote data backup is another value added service we perform for our clients.

** The plan is for this site to grow with time.


"No one person or group can insure our environments future. We all must take an active part. Knowing what can be done, and doing your part, is as important as taking your next breath."